Community of Elders

With Zena Me and Friends

Are you looking for a community to explore and learn about eldership?

“People today want connection more than material things. We’re in a connection economy in which those who connect others will succeed”
- Seth Godin

A number of years ago I noticed that I was longing for community with other people who shared the same values and interests in social change, both in organisations and society.I began to explore and attend many different networks both locally and online, but I quickly found that I didn't 'belong' in these groups, I just didn't fit in.So I decided that if I can’t find the right community, perhaps I could create one myself... and here it is.

The purpose of this community is to explore the role and purpose of eldership in organisations and society.

What are the Leading Principles of this community?

We are:
A safe, friendly, compassionate community
Learning, through friendship, about each others unique perspective on eldership
A courageous people who share the truth no matter how uncomfortable

As an Eldership Community we are:

  • Building deep friendships that serve, support and heal

  • Sharing a mutual concern for one another’s welfare

  • Bringing our own ‘belonging’ by showing up as ourselves, not trying to adapt to fit in

  • Making each other stronger

You are welcome here if you:

  • Are committed to promoting the shared interests of humanity and the planet

  • Promote Universal Human Rights

  • Act independently of countries, politics, religion or other vested interests

  • Are peace makers and builders

  • Are pioneering people who are curious about intersectionality

  • Are a Change Maker who creates positive social change and inspire others to do the same

We do this by:
- Acknowledging ‘what is’ (without judgement)
- Practicing deep compassion (calling ‘in’ not calling ‘out’)
- Acting boldly, tackling taboos and focused on (universal) truths

We come from many different systems, cultures, religions, ethnicities, social class, education, professions, sexual orientation and life experiences.

If our Eldership Community calls you please complete the following form. We'd love to have you as part of our community...